The history of Futura Trailers in trailer manufacture dates back over two generations with 50 years of leading innovation and technology. Father Alan Reid started building trailers at home in Auckland in 1956 before forming Reid Trailers Ltd in 1965.

Still in existence today Reid Trailers was the largest trailer manufacturing company in New Zealand for a number of years. Alan later started the first dedicated boat haulage company in the North Island and his experience in transport technology and trailer design is vast.

Futura trailers are a start up company, with a prestigious heritage in trailer building.

Son’s Glen and Jake Reid have continued the families craftsmanship and have developed an innovative range of trailers which have been distilled into the Patented Aluminum Low Loader trailers.

The trailers are assembled in Auckland, New Zealand from local and internationally sourced parts and are distributed around the world from their Auckland workshop.

The future is simplicity

“Futura Trailers offer quality designer trailers built with your lifestyle in mind. We don’t build ordinary trailers; we design and create trailers fit for purpose. Trailers which are simple to use but not simple to create. We don’t copy, we innovate and improve, utilising our knowledge of trailer building passed down since 1956.”

– Glen Reid, Founder