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Futura low loader trailers are light-weight, maneuverable and built to last.  The structural-grade, anodized aluminum chassis has cleverly hidden, solid aircraft rivets rather than welds - providing excellent corrosion resistance with no fatigue cracking.  Check out our trailer specs  - Tandem axle 16’5” ‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍When you can load a car in less than a minute, you can get out of danger fast.  No matter how tricky the recovery, you’ll be better off with a Futura Trailer.  Just‍‍‍ grab the remote control, lower the trailer and winch it on — it’s as quick and easy as opening your garage door.  

Futura ‍‍‍Trailers.  Faster, easier, safer

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Futura low loader trailers are available as 10ft, 13ft 1’, 16ft 5’ and 19ft 8’ units in single- and tandem-axle configuration.  With a wide range of accessories to help protect your customers vehicle, we have got the ideal trailer to solve your towing problems.  

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The Futura low loader trailer is the latest innovation in trailer technology.  You can drive any vehicle straight on and off without the need for multiple blocks or ramps.  Developed in New Zealand and road-tested in the USA, these lightweight, robust trailers are available now!

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Time is money, and delays can ruin your reputation.  A Futura trailer is light-weight and easy to tow with any 5000lb+ rated tow vehicle, so if your truck breaks down, you won’t miss a call out.  The combination of high quality comp‍‍‍onentry, low cost of maintenance and great fuel economy means that you’ll never look back once you’ve invested in your first Futura trailer.  

There’s little risk of tow-inflicted damage to expensive cars with the low loader design — even cars with minimal clearance won’t bottom out with the trailer deck lowered to an angle of only three degrees.  

‍‍‍‍‍‍We are donating a tandem axle (16’5”) low-loader trailer to the Californian Tow Truck Association and it’s up for auction at next year’s Las Vegas ‍‍‍Tow Show, May 9-11, 2018.  Come along and see us at the show.

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